Fundraising jobs across the UK

Fundraising is highly rewarding, but it’s by no means a breeze. You’ll need a warm, outgoing and friendly disposition, and a fair bit of tenacity. Tick those boxes, and then all you need is to be fairly fit, and happy working with initiative and independence in a variety of locations, with a genuine understanding of (and soft spot for) the cause you represent. Oh, and a driving license!

Where will I be working?

As a fundraiser, you’ll typically work at locations within 60 miles of home, but we ask that you have the flexibility to occasionally travel further, according to campaign requirements. We reimburse all your mileage, and for events that require you to work away from home, we cover the cost of accommodation and provide a meal allowance.

What skills do I need?

You’ll need to be good with people, obviously – and that means colleagues as well as the public. You’ll be comfortable attracting people’s attention and engaging them in polite conversation about the charity you represent, and the importance of regular support. Previous fundraising experience is not necessary, but a previous sales or fundraising role would be desirable.

What Charity will I be fundraising for?

For the most part, you’ll work on the campaign of your choice, but we may ask you to support other campaigns from time to time, especially when we’re working with new clients. Hence flexibility and a team approach are crucial to the role. Of course, we’ll always provide the knowledge and training you need to succeed.

How many hours will I be working?

With The Professional Fundraiser, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the days of work that suit you best. We do however request that only full-days are worked, and not part-days, so a venue is manned during their opening hours. Weekend and bank holiday working is common, as these tend to be the busier times.

Your pay and benefits

Our salaries are highly competitive, after all we want to attract and retain the best fundraising talent in the sector. Our pay and bonus scheme proportionally rewards those who make the greatest contribution to our company and the charity. This means you can expect to earn between £30,000 and £40,000 a year, and our top performers in excess of £50,000.

Plus we reimburse full mileage and travel costs, any accommodation and provide an evening meal allowance if you are staying away.

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First steps

Your fundraiser journey begins with a four-day residential induction, on-the job training and support during your first week, and ongoing training and day experiences with the charity throughout the year.

You’re also invited to our annual conference and awards dinner, where you can learn more about our vision and plans, and mingle with colleagues all in superb hospitality.

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Since I joined The Professional Fundraiser I have found the work tremendously stimulating. I have travelled the country meeting some lovely people and engaging in wonderful conversations. For the first time in my working life, I look forward to getting up for work in the morning and the best of it is, I know that what I do makes a real difference.

Wayne Taylor

Fundraising since 2016

Sounds great! How do I apply?

Simply upload your CV and covering letter, and we’ll get back to you within 2 weeks. We’ll begin with a brief phone conversation, and hopefully progress to a face-to-face interview. All being well, we will offer you an opportunity with The Professional Fundraiser, with a start date of around three weeks from then.