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The Professional Fundraiser is a team brimming with experience and dedication, and each of them deserves the spotlight for their contribution to our success.

Along with our many exceptional and talented fundraisers, who without them we could never raise the hundreds of thousands, even millions of pounds for every one of our charity clients each year; here’s a brief insight into who’s who behind the scenes.

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Kelvin Hopkins

Founder and Managing Director

We have two main goals, the first is for our clients to say we're the best agency to work with in the sector; and the second is for our team to say exactly the same. My role is simple - to continue to make this happen.

Paul Diton

Head of Fundraising Operations

I oversee the day-to-day fundraising operation for all our charity clients, and the delivery of a professional and engaging end-to-end donor journey every time we interact with a member of the public; be that face-to-face, or over the phone.

Adam Miller

Head of IT and Data Security

I lead our small yet talented IT team that supports our entire business and enables everyone to be as effective as possible. Importantly I ensure that every piece of personal data we process is kept secure at all times.

Katy Jenkins

PA to the Managing Director

My role is exceedingly varied, dealing with anything that Kelvin decides to throw at me; whether that's responding to emails on Kelvin's behalf, liaising with the team or with clients, or dealing with general business administration.

Joe Phillips

Recruitment Manager

I can usually be found driving up and down the M1 meeting with and recruiting talented fundraisers. I'm really passionate about recruitment, and it's great to represent such a spirited company that genuinely places its people at the forefront of everything they do.

Karen Theakstone

Campaign Coordinator

I am currently responsible for the operational efficiency of our Cats Protection campaign, liaising with Paul and the fundraisers; and for ensuring that a sufficient number of suitable venues are booked to achieve our campaign targets.

Jason Maher

Venue Planner

I currently work on the Cats Protection campaign researching and booking venues for our fantastic fundraising team. It's a challenging role but really rewarding when fundraisers phone to tell me they've had a successful day at a venue I've sourced and booked for them.

Pina Peduto

Venue Planner

My role is to research and book venues and events for our dedicated team of fundraisers to attend. With almost five years at The Professional Fundraiser I have a wealth of knowledge of the venues that work well for each of our great charities.

Anthony Grundon

Venue Planner

I currently work on the Battersea campaign, sourcing and booking venues for our team of fundraisers to work at, always thinking about the charity's donor demographic, and the most appropriate venues to achieve our fundraising targets.

Rachael Abbott

Campaign Support Administrator

I support our fundraisers by organising the logistics of equipment and accommodation, making sure they have everything they require when they require it so the campaign runs as smoothly as possibly.

Helen Dublino

Supporter Services Assistant

I follow up with all new supporters on the phone to thank them for their donation and to ensure they are happy with their gift, and have all the information about what they can expect during their time supporting the charity.

Sharon Samson

Supporter Services Assistant

I absolutely love my job and really enjoy talking to all the wonderful new donors that have chosen to support the charity. They're always surprised that we're just phoning to say Thank You, and it's great to hear how happy they are to be able to help.

Janet Winn

Finance and Administration Manager

I oversee the company's financial affairs as well as HR and business administration. That's everything from our sales and purchase ledger, to supplies and procurement, on-boarding and contracts for new team members, not to mention our business premises and insurance. It's a busy and demanding role and it's forever evolving; but it's great to be a part of such an ambitious and energetic company.

Deb Eblett

Payroll and Expenses Administrator

I am responsible for processing all central administration staff and fundraiser expenses and mileage, and fundraiser pay; making sure our fundraising team are reimbursed accurately and paid on time.

Lynn Marlow

Creative and Innovation

I work closely with the campaign team and across all of our charities to help create an amazing donor experience. Everything from our stand designs and fundraising aids, to project managing the creation of immersive VR experiences.

Jason McCann

Software Developer

I'm the lead developer for all of our bespoke software, from our in-house fundraising management system, to our tablet platform App used by fundraisers in the field. I'm here to help make everyone's role just that little bit easier.

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