Our approach

To make life easier for charities, The Professional Fundraiser offers an all-inclusive service, from set-up to ongoing management and reporting.

We deal with every aspect of high-quality donor recruitment, and because we’re so confident in what we can achieve, we include all private-site venue fees and a sector leading attrition guarantee in our pricing.

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A committed partnership

Our proven expertise and results, along with our all-inclusive pricing, means we tend to attract charities looking to establish a long-term strategy and relationship. They’ll most likely use The Professional Fundraiser as their sole fundraising partner, so in effect we become their in-house team, or an extension of it.

Our pricing structure is fair and fully transparent, and reflects the quality of our donor recruitment.

Our fee structure

Honest pricing

We explain everything in straightforward terms.

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We apply a simple cost-per-acquisition (CPA) method with no hidden extras, whereby we simply charge a fee for every donor we recruit, based on the value of the donation. And to protect a charity’s investment in us, we offer an attrition guarantee – a full refund for donors who fail to make three monthly payments.

This is a far better guarantee than most of our competitors, and is testament to our confidence in the quality of donors we recruit.

A fair reflection of
our service

Being all-inclusive, and therefore covering the full range of requirements for quality fundraising, our costs are naturally at the higher end of the market. However, we believe our commitment to quality and ethics, and our track record of great results, give clients genuine and enduring value.

Ultimately, though, it’s the quality of the donors we secure that sets us apart and offers reassurances for a charity’s return on its investment with us. Our attrition rate is by far the lowest in the sector.

Our all-inclusive service includes:

  • comprehensive campaign and account management
  • a dedicated and experienced fundraising team
  • all venue sourcing and site fees
  • a custom-built, fully branded fundraising app
  • complete campaign data and IT support
  • a custom reporting suite
  • branded welcome text messages and emails at sign-up
  • welcome and thank you calls to all new donors
  • a full three-month attrition guarantee.
Additional services

Design, creation and supply.

We ask clients to cover the cost of uniform and the branded equipment and materials we use at fundraising sites. Using a charity’s brand guidelines, and for an additional fixed fee, we can provide the design for all equipment, fundraising tools and promotional material.

Any purchases if utilising our supply chain are delivered at cost – we do not seek to make a profit from this, simply to provide charities with access to preferred suppliers, while keeping costs down and making life easier for them.

Obviously we don’t ask clients to buy vehicles; simply that they cover the cost of the branding wrap!

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