Donor recruitment that focuses on quality and longevity

Everything we do at The Professional Fundraiser revolves around ethics, quality and long-term relationships.

Our main focus is of course the recruitment and retention of regular charity donors, and coupled with a commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, we ensure a complete end-to-end fundraising solution.

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Regular giving and lottery

We’re highly experienced in recruiting and retaining regular-giving charity donors through sponsorship, lottery or simply a regular gift, and have a committed team working nationwide.

To achieve the best results we provide demographic analysis and venue profiling, making sure we talk to the most appropriate audience for the charity.

Our approach to donor recruitment is soft and informative, helping the donor develop their own affiliations to a cause and make their own decisions to begin regular giving. Ultimately, this encourages longer-lasting relationships between charities and their supporters.

Experiential fundraising

Experiential fundraising

Essentially, experiential fundraising involves creating an experience for the donor at the point of sign-up – something that really brings the charity’s work to life, highlighting its importance and impact. Experiential fundraising helps us to not only engage with a larger audience, but also to make deeper connections with donors so we can we can inspire more people to give.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an exciting new way to do this, and right now we’re working on an exciting concept with one of our top clients. It allows us to go beyond traditional face-to-face fundraising, and get key emotive messages across far more effectively.

Our complete service

Fundraising from start to finish.

The Professional Fundraiser provides a complete end-to-end solution that removes the hassle of face-to-face fundraising for our charity clients, providing:

Strategy development

identifying the most impactful and effective approach to fundraising, based on a clear understanding of a charity’s needs.

Creative and design

producing stand-out branded promotional materials and visual displays that enhance the fundraiser’s presence.


using our extensive contacts throughout the UK to secure venues that match a charity’s donor profile.


our experienced and approachable teams engage with the public to secure regular gifts on our clients’ behalf.

Data capture

customising our in-house app to the charity’s brand, we capture and validate supporter details safely and securely at sign-up, and send an automated welcome SMS and email.

Welcome call

we make personalised and unscripted welcome calls to each donor, and chat with them about how their individual contribution will help. We record all calls, and charities can review them at any time.

Full reporting

using our advanced in-house technology, we create and provide clear, detailed and informative reporting on every aspect of what we do for our clients.

It's all about the venues

Our fundraising is exclusively private-site, and with over 3,000 attendances at shows and events in the last five years, we’re one of the most experienced and knowledgeable agencies on the circuit.

Thanks to our strong relationships and reputation – and our fully transparent and no-pressure fundraising approach – we have preferential access to premium free and paid sites across the UK, where charities enjoy a higher profile and better results.

“With The Professional Fundraiser, any fees for premium venues are included in our standard fee structure.”

These include exhibitions and town and city-centre locations, plus rail stations and airports, independent retailers, community hubs and local businesses.

We carefully profile and select venues to best match a charity’s target demographic and donation type.

In short, we can operate nationally as well as regionally, and will always have full permission for sites and any transactions that take place.

Prominent positioning

We can stand charities out in the crowd by theming stands to match specific events and exhibitions. This helps build relationships with venue organisers, and attracts more potential regular givers.

Whatever the venue, we always provide fundraisers with modern and attractive equipment to use, and at private sites in town and city centres across the UK we also provide charity-branded vehicles to maintain professionalism and appeal. Our well-branded displays and engaging approach combine to make The Professional Fundraiser an invaluable ambassador for a charity’s cause and reputation.

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