The future of face-to-face.

In some ways, though, technology can take us beyond face-to-face, and into some exciting ‘experiential’ ways to engage and inform regular givers. That’s why we’re currently investing significantly in Virtual Reality (VR) concepts for fundraising, and continuously looking into ways we can use technology and connectivity to a charity’s and the donor’s benefit.

Our very own
fundraising App

Meanwhile, strong and secure technology already plays a vital role in what we do… and it’s all built and developed in-house by our tech experts.

Take our tablet platform app, for example. Easy to brand and adapt to each charity’s needs, it works on and offline, and supports fundraisers and new givers as they set up sponsorship, lottery and regular gift options. And crucially, it meets strict ISO27001 data security requirements.

Our bespoke systems

Behind the scenes

Our specialist IT team has built bespoke systems to ensure the correct, safe and secure capture, storage and transit of donor data, in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation.

They also design and test branded thank you emails that go to each donor at the point of sign-up, or following the welcome call.

We can prioritise welcome calls according to donation value or donor age, and to aid professionalism, clarity and training, all calls we make and receive are recorded, categorised and are easily accessible.

What about reports?


Our very own Fundraising Management System allows us to generate a bespoke and detailed reporting suite for each client.

This means we can provide highly detailed and accurate analysis of supporter attrition, donor demographics and recruitment trends.

“The Professional Fundraiser’s technology is certainly to be admired; the app that they developed for our donor recruitment was exceedingly professional, both in its design and functionality, and some of the statistics and data analysis we have seen them produce is equally as impressive.”

 Lewis Coghlin, Director of Fundraising, Cats Protection

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