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19th November 2020

Our return to the office and the world of venue booking post lockdown

Published by Jason Maher, Senior Venue Planner at The Professional Fundraiser on LinkedIn, 18 September 2020

Here we are, back to work and it feels a lifetime and a day ago the office was sent home for the long hibernation of furlough and to wait out the Covid storm. 

Well now we’re back! The cobwebs are brushed off and you’ll see the Professional Fundraiser representing our charity partners in a safe, secure and sector leading way. 

The work behind the scenes at TPF assured a simple but powerful message to the public and our clients, one that simply is that, we care about our staff, our partners and the public.

Our PPE preparations for the office and fundraisers ensured a speedy recovery of the team here to be able to book, coordinate and interact with donors in an approachable but safe way as to adapt to the post lockdown, unplaced, fund-raising world.

With the majority of companies coming out of lockdown, we cannot ignore initial teething problems and adjustments to public perception as these have shaped how we now fundraise. With new implementations technology, restrictions across the UK and a greater percentage of venues not being liable to book…the pressure was on.

A question came across on my mind as a venue planner, “how will fundraising change?” which is one I think many agencies and charities were debating.  

In the world of Venues and bookings what is it we exactly do? Our venues team is energetic, reactive and paired with our expansive experience, oversee the venue booking process start to finish for our fundraising team.

The thought of planning and coordinating a group of sites, in the after effects of a pandemic, on reduced hours and without any previous experience handling this before sound like an unobtainable task? Not for us. 

Hitting the ground running we as the venues weighed up all options, pairing our venues with experienced fundraisers assuring our catalogue of venues was carefully handpicked and that we were fundraising with rapid succession.

Settling into the head office after seeing town centres empty, shopping centres closed, the move of the public spending to predominantly internet based and the harsh reality of redundancies across the UK, were the hopes of a flourishing F2F team dwindling? No.

With each passing week we are seeing growth and a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of support and donors for our charities.

To be successful in the public eye is to set the standard, our standard is one we’ve worked hard on and are able to continue, adapt and be fluid with the changes that have been and are yet to come. 

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