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Telephone fundraising


We run telephone campaigns for charities big and small – always representing the cause with our personable and highly engaged team members. Our calls are warm and natural, with no ‘call centre’ vibe, giving a reassuringly sound impression of the charity at all times.

Supporter acquisition

We’re experienced in recruiting new supporters through cold campaigns. Our key aim is to inspire and inform about the charity’s work.

Supporter conversion

We convert warm leads to committed giving, regardless of where or how supporters have first engaged with a charity.


We run stand-alone and rolling reactivation campaigns, re-engaging supporters with the charity to provide long-term support. 

Upgrade and cross-selling

Our talented team promote the need for further support, through either stand-alone or rolling upgrade and cross-sell campaigns.


We discuss with sensitivity the possibility of leaving donations in wills, invitations to legacy events, and the free wills service. 

Gift Aid

As part of thanking supporters, we check their Gift Aid status, making any applicable changes to maximise a charity’s income.


We always thank new supporters for their gift and carry out regular stewardship calling, surveys and evaluation.


We discuss upcoming events to encourage participation, and to underline how much we value everyone involved.

Inbound response

To guarantee a seamless fundraising process, we can handle all responses from campaign activities both on and offline.


Proficient in prize-giving, we can deliver all telemarketing campaigns to recruit and retain lottery players.

Here at The Professional Fundraiser we understand the value of people and human engagement, recognising that positive supporter-focused conversations lead to long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. We offer a personalised, flexible and diverse approach to telephone fundraising, and adopt a transparent and collaborative approach with all our partners. Only by working together can we continue to inspire people to support the causes they care passionately about. PAUL DITON
Director of Operations

We’re as compliant as we are passionate and believe in providing an outstanding donor experience coupled with first class account management and the regulatory know-how to deliver your campaigns and ensure long-term support.


We work closely with you to understand your objectives and goals and provide realistic key performance indicators that ensure your return on investment.


We write compelling and engaging scripts that focus on key messaging to bring the charity’s work to life and that capture the right tone that truly reflects your charity’s brand.


Our fundraisers earn a basic salary above the real living wage and are part of an amazing and supportive culture that drives sincere and genuine conversations.

Compliance monitoring

We take seriously our commitment to upholding the highest standards and protecting donors, providing comprehensive training and a rigorous quality control programme. 

Expert account management

Our experienced team delivers exceptional account management. We’re responsive to your, and your donors’ needs and have a firm hand on all regulatory compliance.  

Tailored pricing

We can work to either cost-per-acquisition or cost-per-contact models, depending on the type of campaign, and tailor our pricing depending on the volume of activity.

We said we take compliance seriously, and boy do we mean it! Our certifications are testament to the standards we adhere to and our commitment to ensuring only the best fundraising practice. 


  • Certified with the Data & Marketing Association
  • TPS Assured
  • Certified supplier with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising
  • Member of the Lotteries Council
  • ISO 27001 Data Security Accredited
  • ISO 14001 Environment Accredited

We love a good chat

Our team are fully compliant and are pretty good listeners too

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